The Top 5 Basketball Shoes Of 2015 For Men And Women

best basketball shoes

Is basketball your sport? Great, as a man you must be searching for the best pair of shoes that are specifically and professionally made for the sport. The kind of shoes that you wear on a basketball match make a difference, they will enhance or affect your movement. To put it right and simple, you must wear the right pair for you to be at your best. Some types of shoes will hurt when running while others will make you grow tired faster. Additionally, some shoes are of low quality leading to loss over and over again.

When you buy new shoes, choose those that have a perfect ankle height, those that provide comfort and makes playing easy, consider choosing the fitting size and be aware of the latest style in the market that are preferable for you. Colorful basketball shoes will not only make you more attractive but will boost your confidence on the pitch. Ensure that you chose the right shoes depending on your position in basketball. Some shoes are suitable for speedy players others for defensive players and so on. With a large number of shoes on the market today, we have made a list of the best basketball shoes.


Adidas Performance Isolation 2

adidas isolation 2

The Adidas Performance Isolation 2 will make you noticeable stand out in a team of basketball players, it will make your enhance your movement making you move at your very top speed. The shoe is long lasting, stable and comfortable being crafted and made using a combination of Leather and synthetic materials. The midsole torsion system keeps you in balance giving you the ability to sprint tremendously fast. The outsole aggressive traction and durability make these one on of the best basketball shoes. They feature a cushioning technology on the forefoot and the rear foot as well. The insoles are removable making it easy to clean them. Their shoe interior is made of textiles making it water proof hence keeping your feet dry and warm. The perforated design allows for breathability keeping your feet a bit fresh and cold and features a padded tongue collar for a perfect fit.



Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB

nike hyperdunk 2014 tb

The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB was manufactured in 2014 and still one of the best. The heel-toe transition is smooth due to the lunarlon midsoles the perfectly molds the foot. The wearer can move swiftly with that kind of heel to toe transition. On the cushioning, the lunarlon cushion inside the shoe provides impact protection and comfort for you. The Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB features a carbon fiber which is strong enough and light at the same time providing full support and strength. The TPU shank is pretty fine but with a flat ship shoe. The traction is impeccable since they have a multi-directional pattern that provides enough roughness. They are very durable and provide enough flexibility and have eight eyelets that ensure that they fits you well. When laced up tight, your foot is well locked into the removable footbed hence you can’t slip.



Nike Overplay VII

Nike The Overplay VII Men's Basketball Shoe

Wouldn’t be happy to hit the courts with a comfortable and a durable shoe? Nike Overplay VII offers exactly that offering a great outdoor option at a cheaper price than other basketball shoes. Built with leather and synthetic upper, it provides a water resistant upper, the responsive and stylish midsoles offer excellent impact protection making it easy to cut quick. The TPU shank is in the midfoot for support and maximum rigidity to provide enough stability for you. The outsoles are made of natural rubber for traction making running and cutting simpler. Additionally the midsoles are full-length for lightweight cushioning making them light to run with. You can now hit the court running with this amazing Nike Overplay VII. The lateral outrigger provides the stability for the hard cuts. Pivoting and the multidirectional movements are provided by the traditional herringbone traction pattern. With the sleek toe box makes the shoe fitting giving it that streamlined look you look in while looking for a basketball shoe.



Reebok Royal BB4500 Hi

Reebok Men's Royal BB4500 Hi Basketball Shoe

The Reebok Royal BB4500 Hi are known for their consistency in quality since 1890’s. They are no different with class and durability in place. The high sneaker is made of breathable leather blended with a synthetic upper. The removable ortholite insole enables you to use a personal orthotic. Lace up closure makes them even a better fit. The outsole offers reliable traction because it’s abrasion resistant making it offer the traction you need when running and cutting. Reebok Royal BB4500 Hi is a pure athletic shoe that deserves to feature as one of the five top shoes for men. The boots come in gray and white colors with all sizes that you may need.



Nike Prime Hype DF

Nike Men's Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoe

We all know what a shoe made of fuse synthetic leather would bring, right? The Nike Prime Hype DF brings exactly that enhancing the durability of the shoe. Woven is technically the material being used on shoes nowadays but the fuse still works very well. With laces that are adjustable they would just fit on your feet making your legs have that feel of compactness when running. The foot has a lunar cushion that is full length providing the support and comfort. The gray layer is a standard phylon that plays the role of a carrier to the beautiful red phylon layer. The lack down of the shoe brings the support that you may require. Support also is as a result of the dual fusion set up which makes it easier to recover after any destabilizing effects like a collision with an opponent. With all models having their good and bad, this model has more good to offer to you as a basketball player. Grab yours.




Although the men basketball leagues are more famous and perhaps also attract a larger following basketball is certainly not designed for men only.
There are millions of women across the globe who are passionate about this sport and thousands of them play this game at a professional level and that’s why we will help you to find the best shoes for women!

Adidas Originals Court Femme Casual Shoes


Adidas is one of the most famous names in designing and production of sportswear for not only basketball but for most other sports. Having been in business for a very long time this company almost never disappoints and so the Adidas Originals Court Femme Casual Shoes Women’s basketball are top of the range shoes for any female basketball player. These retro-inspired kicks are not only perfect for the game but are also very comfortable and stylish.


  • These shoes have a high-top design that has both a modern look and an old school style
  • Just like most other sports shoes manufactured by Adidas this shoes is made from a very high-quality material that will be able to withstand rigorous training sessions and games.
  • It has a rubber outsole that will help keep you from sliding or slipping.
  • This shoe is very comfortable to wear.


  • It only comes in a few colors, and so you will be limited to options. Ladies who do not like very colorful shoes will probably not be impressed by these best basketball shoes.
  • Quite expensive compared to other shoes.

Nike Air Visi Pro V


This shoe has been designed to make sure that any player who wears it performs to her best and enjoys the game. It has cushioning that absorbs shock from big jumps, and it also has a synthetic leather upper that will provide maximum comfort throughout the game.


  • It is very comfortable and durable thanks to the synthetic upper design.
  • The outsole of the shoe is designed with a herringbone that will give you exceptional traction.
  • Has flex grooves that encourage a natural and efficient motion.


  • This shoe will feel a little bit stiff before your leg gets used to it and so this might be a problem if you are not patient.
  • Although it has all it takes to be a basketball shoe the design is not very trendy and so, some players will probably not find it attractive.

Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero


The Pro Model has been one of the brand’s staple models over the years. Although this model has received many upgrades and updates the Pro Model Zero W brings in a new lightweight adizero technology that is a first for the shoe design. The material used to make this shoe make it a high-quality shoe and its performance is also very impressive.


  • This shoe is one of the lightest basketball shoe currently available in the market.
  • It has been designed to offer excellent support for the ankle which is critical for top performance in a game.
  • Has a fabric lining that helps to keep the shoe dry when playing a game or during practice sessions.


  • Many players who have used this shoe complain that it fits a little bit tight at the front. For those who do not have narrow feet, this can be very uncomfortable.
  • These shoes are a little squeaky when playing with them and for most players this is annoying.

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